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Flying In Paraglider Competitions - A Guide for the Aspiring XC Pilot (By Tim O’Neill) [1]

Lessons I’ve learned in my first few competitions (By Tim O’Neill) [2]

Tips from Competition Pilots [3]

Video of Marko Hrgetić lecture (Starting cylinders) [4]

Video from lecture with Jurij Vidic (How to become a better pilot) [5]

Video lecture from Andrej Kolar (See you, Naviter) [6]

Michael Sigel video presentation on competition flying and how to become good at it! [7]

Mads Syndergaard Fantastic presenation on the subject of mental aspect in competition flying [8]

Presentation Thomas Brauner [9]

Ushpa hgpg web magazine[10]

Paragliding Rescue Analysis Simon Čopi presentation[11] video[12]

Thermalling Articles [13] video[14] video2 [15]

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